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Remote-first team of 20+ contributors located all over the world. We’re growing very fast and our geography has no boundaries.


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**Accelerate the decentralized future.

Restore power to individuals.**

Decent DAO is making it happen. And we want you to join our DeFi revolution. In-studio to on-chain, we’ve taken our mission out in the open, inviting builders, founders, and degens alike to share knowledge, define new opportunities, and establish a true meritocracy where prosperity is available to all. Each day, we strive to leverage human intelligence in the most efficient way to accelerate decentralization. Join our global distributed talent and intelligent capital network.


From Decent Labs to Decent DAO

Since 2017, our efforts to dismantle centralized power structures in finance have helped launch over 30 groundbreaking cryptocurrency products. Decent Labs’ agency-meets-accelerator model has enabled entrepreneurs to develop innovative solutions and take part in a radical industry transformation. Our passionate, highly skilled team has fine-tuned the art of building and scaling successful products at the crossroads of financial technology and digital rights.

Today, we pursue our mission on a grander scale, shifting our focus from client work to community empowerment. 2022 marks the genesis of Decent DAO, an open-source collective dedicated to connecting contributors across the crypto ecosystem with the cutting-edge tools and technologies they need to build thriving, self-sufficient communities.


Crypto to the Core

Our founders were avid proponents of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology in its infancy, long before it achieved mainstream dominance. The masterminds behind Decent DAO have always understood and believed in crypto’s potential to upend corporate corruption and shift global financial markets. That core passion keeps the skill and expertise of our growing team laser-focused on fully unlocking the possibilities of Web3 development. Because Decent isn’t riding the wave of the latest tech trend—we are the undercurrent of radical change, surging beneath the surface and priming for a breakthrough.


Technology Takes the Lead

The tools we create reflect the latest and greatest in technology. Our builders are propelled by curiosity and a humble desire to keep learning, and they’re constantly on the lookout for new ways to solve new challenges. In the process, we’ve developed a mastery in the design, execution, and scaling of decentralized systems. Working with Decent positions you on the frontier of DeFi innovation, where you can contribute to emerging technologies the world has yet to discover.



Decent Work. Awesome Perks.

Our open-source collective connects contributors across the crypto spectrum with the cutting-edge tools and technologies they need to build thriving, self-sufficient communities. Working out in the open, we rally our community to create a DeFi experience that’s free, fair, and accessible for all.


Competitive compensation

We believe people should be compensated well for their contributions and are proud to support thriving careers in crypto.


Work virtually anywhere

The internet has been our home since day 1. No matter where you are, WiFi is all you need to stay connected to the mission.


Grow as you go

When you’re surrounded by industry thought leaders and collaborative visionaries, leveling up is inevitable. And if there’s a conference or course that interests you, we’ve got you covered.


Team retreats

Despite our distance, we routinely take time to come together in person, nurture relationships, and make incredible memories in beautiful places.


Generous paid time off

Supporting the health and wellness of each team member is a top priority. A happy team does exceptional work. But more importantly, we care because you matter.

Open Opportunities

Decent DAO empowers talented individuals from all walks of life to drive the progress of our organization—and be fairly compensated in the process. Are you a builder with specialized knowledge, developing next-level tools for the decentralized future? Do you wish to support our projects by investing financial, social, or tech capital? Perhaps you're a growth champion whose promotion and networking skills can help expand our community reach. Decent DAO makes room for all dedicated contributors from diverse backgrounds to make their mark. for relevant experience, written communication skills, and effort in short response questions.

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